I just wrote an eBook on Acting and Directing. It is filled with quotes from some of the best in the world.

Lee Samuel Wilson
1 min readJun 24, 2022

Notes from the rehearsal Hall

Yes, shameless promotion. I have just completed an eBook with “golden nuggets” about acting and directing.

Acting and directing are two careers that demand constantly doing. It is often hard for new and established actors and directors to get those “golden nuggets” about the craft unless you are lucky enough to get into those rehearsal rooms with the great artists. It is rare to find a book on acting and directing that gives practical notes that can impact your work immediately as an artist. Advice and guidance from those who are at the top of their profession and working every day. Notes and tips that are short, direct, easy to interpret, and that can be implemented immediately into your craft. These observations I have compiled from personal conversations from some of the best actors and directors in the English speaking theatre.

If interested, please email me at wilsonle@tcd.ie. I have priced the eBook at $4.99 USD. If you have read my past articles, you get a sense of how practical the content will be. Please feel free to share my work! :)

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